I'm Not As Young

I'm not as young as I was,
No more can I run
Through fields of corn,
Or swim in the lake
At early morn,
For I'm not as young as I was.
I'm still the same inside,
It's my body that's changed
And grown old,
My Wrinkles are many
And I so feel the cold,
But I'm still the same inside.
I wish I was young again,
To live my life
Through once more,
To dance and to sing
Till my throat it is sore,
I wish I was young again.
I was so beautiful once,
And men they
Would fall at my feet,
They would all travel
Many miles to meet,
For I was so beautiful once.
My family ignore me now,
And my friends they are
Mostly long dead,
I have just the memories
As I lie in my bed,
And my family ignore me now.
Before you find you are old,
Embrace life as much
As you can,
Live every second
Whether woman or man,
Before you find you are old.
© David Gibson, 2017