There have been many times in your life
When you have chosen to ignore me,
Although I seek to give you good advice.
I do so because I know you,
More deeply than a friend,
More intimately than a lover,
For I am you!
I am your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations.
I am the part of you that seeks to fly like a bird,
When you are chained to the ground by your
“Must have’s” and your “should do’s.”
Obligations that you yourself create,
Through seeking to be like everyone else,
Through seeking to please everyone else,
Except yourself.
Some people call me their God,
Others, their Heart, or their Higher Self.
What you call me is not important,
That you listen to me is.
For what I tell you to do may go against
The “possible”, or the “realistic.”
I may tell you to travel up a road
That everyone else is coming down.
I may tell you to “go!”
When everyone else says “stay!”
Fear not my child,
For I know exactly where I am taking you.
Just trust that when you listen to my voice,
Things will happen.
I will give you signs that you are going
In the right direction,
You will know what is meant to be,
And what is not.
Your despair will turn to joy,
Your darkness to light.
Trust in me,
Listen to me,
And I will make your life worth living!
© David Gibson, 1997