One Night Stand

We both know the score,
Bodies to be entwined,
But not our hearts.
We drink together,
Discussing everything and nothing,
Before later,
When bodies touch,
But souls are miles apart.
You care about my technique,
But not my life,
My body it appeals to you,
But in me
You have no interest.
Who is this woman next to me?
How old is she, really?
Thirty five, she says,
Although the lines around
Her eyes betray,
That her milometer
Has been clocked!
And what of me?
Six foot two I said,
When only five foot six,
Exaggerating my measurements,
Anything for some action!
I call a cab
As I ask her name,
It’s 3AM,
She has to be back
Before her husband clocks off,
I thought you were single?
Yes, you said you were single!
I’ll boast of my conquest
To the lads at work,
Tell ‘em how the old dog’s
Still “got it”!
Funny how I’d rather
Just be curled up,
With a good book,
But that wouldn’t be 'manly',
Would it?
© David Gibson 2014, 2018