Good Golly Miss Molly!

Good Golly Miss Molly,
You’re one hell of a cat,
With you, things are never dull,
For you make sure of that!

Be it bringing home live pigeons
Or sending fountains crashing,
Getting out through tiny cracks
To give next door a bashing!

You’re our feline Einstein
For puzzles you can crack,
Like how to open boxes
To get your favourite snack!

You scale cat defences which
Take a long time to prepare,
So that Dad in his amazement says
“How on earth did you get there???”

Cars they seem to fascinate
You’ve jumped in a few of them,
And become a furry stowaway
Up the A3(M)!

You walk round like you own the place,
With bushy tail held high,
When you don’t get fish or chicken,
Your nose goes to the sky!

A bowl of water just won’t do
It must be from a tap,
You insist that we drop everything
When you want our lap!

Or maybe some attention
When an email we must send,
Sitting on the keyboard,
Your bottom parked on “End”!

“A few weeks” is what we were told
We would have you for,
“Just ‘till I am settled”,
Said the young man from next door.

But then you ate a Lily plant
And we thought you could be lost,
We realised what you meant to us,
Our hearts, their boundaries crossed.

Finally then, that was it,
You were here to stay,
A gorgeous, affectionate, lovely cat,
Who was once a stray.

No more going hungry,
For here you’re loved to bits,
Your room is always nice and clean,
Here at the Cat Ritz!

© David Gibson, 2019