Stand Up

We must stand up

For what is right,

And put aside our fear,

We must stand up

For what is right,

For what we hold most dear,

Our words and deeds

Our swords and spears,

Our weapons in the fight,

Against the violence,

Against untruth,

We shall battle day and night,

For darkness is descending,

Those who should lead

Do not,

Division and divisiveness

Seems to be their lot,

And so it falls to you and me,

To heed the battle cry,

For people who are abused,

Hated and then die,

For a planet stripped of

Life and hope,

We cannot ignore the call,

If our leaders cannot lead us,

Then it falls upon us all,

If each of us can do our bit,

Then perhaps we shall be free,

We can choose a different path,

Sail a different sea,

We must be willing to be counted,

Stand up and not hide,

Only if we do this,

Can we turn the tide.


© David Gibson, 2018