About us

We are here to bring smiles, laughter, comfort and connection to the world, one poem at a time!

Our ‘poet in residence’ is David Gibson, who when not writing poetry works as an innovator in IT, transport and logistics. He was encouraged to set up an online poetry business by friends and family, who have greatly enjoyed his poems over the years.

David is in his early 50s and based in the English West Midlands. Much of his poetry has been inspired by life’s inevitable challenges, as well as its joys. He was brought up in the Christian Faith and although not nowadays a regular churchgoer, he still maintains a belief in God.

Born and raised in Hampshire, he has spent most of his life in the West Midlands. He is passionate about the environment and in his spare time loves to walk or cycle whilst surrounded by nature, or else take a ride on a steam train!

For some examples of David’s writing, you can look at his portfolio.